Speedrunner Mario VS Melee Fox - 1M Subscriber Special! - SOMETHING VERSUS 🍄🦊

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Lunar Gamer
Lunar Gamer 2 ай мурун
Wait... I just realized something horrifying. Four Wahoos beat up Hyah. There are four speed demons as far back in the timeline as this video. Geno and Rosalina only captured one. Terminal. You have made the best multiverse I have ever seen, hands down, no contest. That said, I am absolutely terrified of your planning skills, as we see a Wahoo in the latest Mega Royale. Move over Daleks and Heartless, a new cosmic horror has taken your crowns.
ExhiledGod 2
ExhiledGod 2 16 саат мурун
Oh no
Ritus Kai
Ritus Kai 19 саат мурун
@Hawin I botw link was a speedrunner too might be a speed demon there too.
Eleron Pfoutz
Eleron Pfoutz Күн мурун
The remaining speed demons are Game Shark, Codebreaker, and Action Replay.
Tom the animator
Tom the animator 3 күн мурун
Luigion 7
Luigion 7 3 күн мурун
Nathaniel Chhim
Nathaniel Chhim 3 саат мурун
melee Fox: yea he’s kinda fast Speed runner Mario: god himself, if not, stronger than god
Elizabeth MacArthur
Elizabeth MacArthur 10 саат мурун
1:47 slap battles be like
Tom the animator
Tom the animator 3 күн мурун
I watched this in slo mo to not miss *anything *
Somrat Khan
Somrat Khan 5 күн мурун
So, this is where Ilmango got his snapshot farm name form. Let me demonstrate: Minecraft: *Releases a new item/mob in game* Ilmango: *Makes a farm the vey same day* Ilmango: I am 4 parallel universe ahead of you. p.s: I know Ilmango has the Scicraft team and all of them are behind the farm.
Dark Void
Dark Void 5 күн мурун
If you guys don't think that that would happen at light speed, it wouldn't happen at infinite speed.
HI YA!!!
HI YA!!! 6 күн мурун
3:20 HIYA!!!
Giratina 6 күн мурун
My favorite part is Wahoo
mokey 6 күн мурун
2:15 LAG
some lego man
some lego man 7 күн мурун
my fav thing about this is how WAHOO was slapping him with his B U T T
Nachosnoname 7 күн мурун
Mario breathing through space normal
The rat of your dreams
The rat of your dreams 8 күн мурун
maro go brrrrrrrrr
Ah Yes L Ol
Ah Yes L Ol 8 күн мурун
He always was 4 parallel universes ahead of everyone
Haoran Y
Haoran Y 9 күн мурун
The person who made the subtitles is a genius.
Andres Acosta
Andres Acosta 10 күн мурун
Mi mente *HAPPY feat WOMBO COMBO*
Drobux 82
Drobux 82 10 күн мурун
Dawood Awan
Dawood Awan 10 күн мурун
2:50 is what everyone came for
Dylan Ison
Dylan Ison 11 күн мурун
Kaszanek 000
Kaszanek 000 11 күн мурун
no one will destroy Marian
Pasta- Nod
Pasta- Nod 11 күн мурун
I love the lore of terminal montage
FennecGamer 13 күн мурун
I see you've got 3mil subs now, where's our 3mil match up?!
フラれた狐がやってくる。 13 күн мурун
frostatine 13 күн мурун
How is the sound design so good
No One
No One 14 күн мурун
This dude is still hearting comments even after a year just because he embraces that one scene everyone memes about. o7
Art - Amations
Art - Amations 14 күн мурун
I want to see bayonetta against speedrunner mario because she can freeze time
enzo benjamin zabala
enzo benjamin zabala 15 күн мурун
Teacher:Today we will learn how to make glass. Me who played Minecraft: 2:51
Mantidream 16 күн мурун
While Fox has incredible speed and power due to his high technical requirements, Mario can turn even the slightest bit of wonky geometry into a trans-universe gateway.
megadoomerr 16 күн мурун
After watching this, I've been running around yelling HIYAA!! at people, and scaring the crap outta them. Thank you for making this animation masterpiece.
StaticBolt 16 күн мурун
2:50 And now, the meme you've all been waiting for!
e will
e will 16 күн мурун
I first thought the afterimage line was from Genos in One Punch Man But it was absolutely amazing🔥
Gio Roberts
Gio Roberts 16 күн мурун
If fox got caught in that slap he would be dead
Fist Bump Sauce
Fist Bump Sauce 17 күн мурун
Their derpy expressions are solid gold. 👌🤣
Marcos luis Martín Morales
Marcos luis Martín Morales 17 күн мурун
I have a question: In this part 5:16 he's supposed to have lost all his De Facto Speed (which is the actual speed that tells you how fast you're going), then how can he still move between QPUs?
Marcos luis Martín Morales
Marcos luis Martín Morales 17 күн мурун
This is just a little fox using broken mechanics against a man who can build up enough speed to trick the game, making it think that he's still there when he's out of bounds, making his relative position travel through the stage without being physically there to come back instantly where he wants to (yes, I actually saw the recommended vid)
Someone Differente BYS
Someone Differente BYS 17 күн мурун
My man was 64 parallel universes ahead
Whitty 17 күн мурун
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis 17 күн мурун
Can someone explain the story to me please?
Miguel Goncalves
Miguel Goncalves 18 күн мурун
I saw a comment on the something versus of the 2 mil subscribers, where he was talking about parallel universes, so that makes me thing, how many times has there have been a timeline where fox won? And other thing that has been bothering me, why everything reappeared atleast once again but the Photon Space Control Engineer hasn't?
Luc G
Luc G 18 күн мурун
4:00 Fox: “Hyper Speed!” The closed captions: “pipe a Speedo” This is why I watch every terminal montage video with captions on.
Israel GARCÍA 18 күн мурун
Peleas más épicas del anime Puesto 1:
andy cheong
andy cheong 19 күн мурун
tis hiyaa! more powerful than uncle roger one
Henny LeBeau
Henny LeBeau 19 күн мурун
These are always so hilarious to watch. Mario all glitches out running through all of existence
『InkSinnoh』 19 күн мурун
Pizza Time
Pizza Time 19 күн мурун
Pizza Time
Pizza Time 19 күн мурун
Im glad you like my incredible comment terminal montage
Chris Simmons
Chris Simmons 20 күн мурун
Tool assisted speed run Mario is terrifying!
KnightMojo 20 күн мурун
And the Anime of the year goes to........ TerminalMontage! With his one million subscriber special!
Mohamed Maani
Mohamed Maani 20 күн мурун
Nikhlesh Pandey
Nikhlesh Pandey 21 күн мурун
Teacher: *telling that there are three states of matter* Me, who already knows that there is plasma also: 2:51
♣︎Patty Lee♣︎
♣︎Patty Lee♣︎ 21 күн мурун
Battle: tragedy Captions: haha Japanese funny
Prisondead2021 21 күн мурун
I am FIVE parallel universes ahead of you
pop cat
pop cat 21 күн мурун
You made you you
pop cat
pop cat 21 күн мурун
♣︎Patty Lee♣︎
♣︎Patty Lee♣︎ 21 күн мурун
He hearted so fast
pop cat
pop cat 21 күн мурун
You overwelm me with amazingness
Bapt 'or
Bapt 'or 21 күн мурун
Raul Gonzalez
Raul Gonzalez 21 күн мурун
koopk1 22 күн мурун
hyper speedo
sovach 22 күн мурун
this is... totally super smash bros melee where are the nintendo lawyers
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat 22 күн мурун
Mario VS Melee Fox? i thought it was quick midget vrs fox with a gun
kwacpe 22 күн мурун
Arceli Biagtan
Arceli Biagtan 22 күн мурун
I can't believe that the "I'm 4 parallel universes ahead of you" clip was a famous meme. Congrats on a popular meme!
THE REALEST ONE 22 күн мурун
2:50 this is what you came here for. 🤣👍
Ace Known
Ace Known 23 күн мурун
So let's take a minute to look at the subs
TornadoAnimations Mikey
TornadoAnimations Mikey 23 күн мурун
Fox should have won mario was possessed by a ligit demon its quite an unfair fight
Cheems 23 күн мурун
Someone: has lvl 1 stuff The rich kid whit 99 lvl stuff: 2:52
milloflimes8088_9 23 күн мурун
Best anime fight ever
Xellzify 23 күн мурун
next up speed runner mario vs link
Logan Hill
Logan Hill 24 күн мурун
2:50 *I am 4 Parallel Universes ahead of you*
Frostyninja 24 күн мурун
2:54 you forgot to draw the m in mario's hat
Ollie 24 күн мурун
low tier vs high tier lool
Finley Kennedy
Finley Kennedy 25 күн мурун
So if this is all canon, is the announcer like god?
Juando Moon
Juando Moon 25 күн мурун
Imagine if he got hit by that slap.
Jacobgaming 11
Jacobgaming 11 25 күн мурун
2:50 youre welcome
CrossYT Gaming
CrossYT Gaming 25 күн мурун
Stand user: Mario/Wahoo Stand: Tas Speed Demon Stats: Power B- Speed *YAHOO* (???/S++++++++++) Range D Durability A Precision A+ Potential D- Abilty: To travel faster than the speed of *YAHOO*
Jansen Art
Jansen Art 23 күн мурун
Precision S++: watch the watch for Rolling Rocks half A-press video to see how many polygons have to be hit after building up speed.
Nick Kayfabe
Nick Kayfabe 26 күн мурун
I feel like Terminal Montage made this while listening to Pannen’s video in the background. Here’s everything wrong with this video (in terms of Mario): 2:35 at this point, there are 4 Mario’s in one PU. The way that PUs work is that they only track floor detection for Mario, which of course, there is only one possible Mario in a PU. Also, in this, Mario wouldn’t even be visible unless he happened to pass back through the original PU with Fox in it. 2:50 Mario says he is 4 parallel universes ahead of Fox, but really, Mario is just incredibly far away. There is little advantage to being in a PU, besides movement. Also, doing the math, Mario is only 3 parallel universes ahead of Fox, since Fox is in a parallel universe too. 2:55 If this were accurate to how PUs really worked, Mario would have beaten Fox in every PU, since only floor detection is used in PUs. Not enemies, not items, not even walls nor visuals. Therefore, Mario beating Fox in this PU would count as beating him in all of them. 3:47 the scuttlebug has nothing to do with PUs. It was only used in WfRR to get an extra jump to the star. If Mario could have jumped up to the scuttlebug without it falling before (without an A press), then Pannen would have done so. 3:55 Half A presses can last as long as A is held. Of course Fox could go faster than half an A press. In the video this was inspired by, Pannen holds the A button for over 12 HOURS! So yeah, it’s not hard to go faster than a half A press. 4:08 you can only build up speed in very specific spots. Pannen uses a half-submerged slope in his video. It is very unlikely that Mario is actually building up speed here. Also, there is very little difference in De Facto speed and “speed”. Normal speed is how fast the game says you’re going, and De Facto speed is how fast you’re actually going. 4:14 Out Of bounds is only where you’re not allowed to go. Not anything else. But if you somehow end up in it, then you get thrown out of the course instantly. This wouldn’t really happen, though, since is appears that there is no “out of bounds” in the original stage at all. 4:29 actually, fair enough. If Mario isn’t QPU aligned, then he will have a tough time getting back onto the QPU grid, which is essential in this case, since it appears that the Announcer is only on the original map. 5:20 to 5:45 this entire scene is wrong because of obvious and/or prevoiusly stated facts. 1. If Mario can just move QPUs like that, wouldn’t he be able to escape it incredibly easily? 2. Scuttlebugs have nothing to do with PUs. 7:14 *KABOOM* These were all of the things wrong with this video that I could find. Let me know if I missed something. I have no idea how Fox works, so discuss that if you want. I don’t mean to be rude to Terminal Montage, I’m sure he did it all to make the video entertaining.
Zed S
Zed S 26 күн мурун
or did fox evin die
Lailah Suleiman
Lailah Suleiman 26 күн мурун
I came here just because of parallel universe ahead meme -🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
King of AUsome
King of AUsome 27 күн мурун
Something about cup head
Cherub 1979
Cherub 1979 28 күн мурун
Im detecting tengen toppa gurren lagann levels of power here... No wonder Luigi uses a bible in this universe only God can save us
Lowlife 28 күн мурун
Imagine mario doing a Minecraft speedrun
Sam Tafolla
Sam Tafolla 29 күн мурун
Anime be like
Melissa Brooks
Melissa Brooks 29 күн мурун
Wahoo vs Hiyaa
Sawyer Jordan
Sawyer Jordan 29 күн мурун
Pls do more anime Mario
Denis Gamer
Denis Gamer Ай мурун
speedrunner mario in 2077:am god
Denis Gamer
Denis Gamer Ай мурун
speedrunner mario:i wanna fight the strongest
Slenderfake1234 Ай мурун
Slenderfake1234 Ай мурун
ACNH Gamer
ACNH Gamer Ай мурун
We need Minecraft Steve vs speedrunner link
Pablo Duquette Gimenez
Pablo Duquette Gimenez Ай мурун
yare yare daze
Akane Kurashiki
Akane Kurashiki Ай мурун
keïbat Ай мурун
The wallpaper at the end of the video sounds a lot to me, it is an old emulator, no one told me what emulator it is
Guerline Saint Clair
Guerline Saint Clair Ай мурун
yay im a fan of mario wahoooooooooo
mario vilchez gonzalez
mario vilchez gonzalez Ай мурун
Krystal ;c
H S Ай мурун
An anime in a nut shell
John Shea
John Shea Ай мурун
Thanks for letting me know about that Mario 64 video you got most of the jokes for this from so I can get better context
Mr Mellon Gamez
Mr Mellon Gamez Ай мурун
*battle of the time left until the end of the multiverse*
Makoto Naegi
Makoto Naegi Ай мурун
fucking bowlshit
Hero the cat Studio
Hero the cat Studio Ай мурун
Wtf, Mario chet? >:l
sticcminute Ай мурун
spy’s: let’s give this kid a free laptop so we can spy on him and capture him the kid who is a hacker: 2:50
El norteño Feliz Mx
El norteño Feliz Mx Ай мурун
Gordon freeman: Bunnyhop
dehk Ай мурун
Me after doing a melee kill in lazer tag 2:50
Rendezin Ай мурун
I have the power to restart the video again and again HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
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